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Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008
6:22 pm
hey - noob :P
i joined because i am interested in diet and metabolism and thought this would be a good place to ask questions and find support.
age: 15
height:5'1 [shortie lol]
current weight: 46-7kg/ 101 pounds
desired weight: 45kg/ 99 pounds
so obviously i dont want to loose a lot lol because i am at a healthy weight right now,
but i dont eat a lot compared to my friends [not in an anorexic way!] so am kind of on a diet
like breakfast - cereal
lunch - sandwich and satsuma
snack - apple
dinner - pasta with tomato sauce
snack - clementine/satsuma and maybe yoghurt or a couple of pieces of chocolate.
So there u go, it isn't nothing but calorie wise it really isnt a lot, don't get me wrong I would like to eat a lot but my metabolism is a bit slow so when i do eat a lot i ususally gain a lot of weight, last time it took me to a BMI of about 21.08, which, while not being overweight, looks pretty bad on me because i gain weight on thighs and arms [though not really my stomach! :D] and i'm quite short.
so there you go, anyonelse have the same kind of weight/food relationship?
xxxx [sorry for long post if it doesnt seem valid or is a bit boring! please be nice!]
Friday, October 26th, 2007
11:04 am
Hi  everyone, it's  been  awhile  since  I  actually  posted on  here, so I'd  thought  I'd  give  it  a try. Things  aren't  going  so  well  for  me  lately, with  food and  calories  and  stuff. I've  been  having  trouble  keeping  away  from  sweet  junk, and  keeping  my  calories  at  bay. I'm  trying  hard  to  keep  to  a  1900 calorie  range, but  everytime  my mom  buys  chocolate  granola  bars  and  cake, I  dive  right  in. UGH!!  I  was  just  wondering, since I workout  2  hours a  day, does  it  really matter? I'm  not  gaining, but I'm not losing. I  want  to  lose  five  or ten  pounds, but  my  binges  are  keeping me  from  that. I'm  having  trouble  knowing  whether  I  binge out  of  boredom, or  hunger. 
Everytime  I  binge, it  ends  up being  around  2500 calories!  But  I  burn  off  900-1200.  . . .hmmm. I  do  two  hours  or  tae bo  a  day, that  scrapes  off  at  least  a  thousand  calories  from my  total  intake. Right?
Anyways, if anyone has  any  tips  or  advice, can  you  please  let  me  know? I'm  desperate  here!!!  Thanks!

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Tuesday, September 18th, 2007
10:25 pm
hey, i'm new here!
i'm so happy to find somewhere where i can talk about losing weight with people my own age!

age: 15
height: 5''7
weight: around 180 pounds/ just under 13 stone (overweight)
ultimate goal: 147 pounds
current goal: 168 pounds/ 12 stone

the one thing i find difficult about dieting is that i live at home and have to eat what my mom cooks! do any of you guys have this problem?
Saturday, September 15th, 2007
11:31 am
Just joined
 Hi  everyone, I'm  new  to  this  community, I  just  joined. I  don't  really  have  any  weight  to  lose, but  after  losing  like, thirty  pounds  since  2005, I  still like  to  watch  what  I  eat  and  get  into  a  healthy  relationship  with  food. So  here's  my  details:
Height: 5'7"
Current weight: 146-150  (it  varies)
Highest  weight: 180
Age: 19
Goal weight: 145
 I  workout  4-5  times  a  week, I  love  to  kickbox, do  tae bo  and  yoga. I  use  to run, but  I  hurt  my  knee  back  in  February  and  have  to  lay  off  for  awhile. :(  Not  fair!  lol  I'm  such  a  workout  freak.  Anyways, I  guess  that's  it  for  now, I  hope  my  welcome  post  isn't  too  long.

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Saturday, September 1st, 2007
8:58 pm
Height: 5'6"
CW: 145ish (my last weigh in was two weeks ago, my next is the 19th)
GW: 125-135 (whatever looks good, im athletic so muscles weigh more)
age: 16

i'll post again on the 19th. good luck to you all!
Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007
11:23 am
hi, i was looking for a community for dieting teens and there were very few. there only seem to be a few in this community that loyally update so i made a community for teens who are serious about dieting.


feel free to join if you really do want to lose weight and are serious about it.
Monday, January 1st, 2007
10:39 pm
age: 16
height: 5' 11.5"
current weight: 155
desired weight: 130

i put on 15 pounds this past term so i hope to lose it and ten more. im a thin girl naturally but all the stress from my classes made me binge eat and i haven't exercised in two months. so, thus far (past two days) i have consumed about 1,400kcals per day and try to opt for healthy kcals and then do the stair master every day. )) will continue. mostly i just want to lose weight in my lower body. my upper body is small (size xs, sometimes s in shirts) so i feel that my lower body is not proportional. wish you all well! bye bye, unwanted pounds. )

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Saturday, December 23rd, 2006
2:30 pm
hello. i just joined, so..

age: 14
height: around 162cm/ 5 feet 4 inches
current weight: 90/91kgs/180lbs
desired weight:60kg/120lbs

ive been overweight for almost the rest of my life. i really need to lose the weight to feel better and gain confidence in myself. its really hard for me to lose weight. even after fasting for 24 days, since im a muslim, i only managed to lose around 1lbs. so, i just really don't know what to do.
Saturday, October 28th, 2006
9:48 pm
Hi, I'm Alli, I'm new here.

My stats-
age: 16
height: about 5'2"
current weight: between 115-118, it always changes
desired weight: about 103-102

I'm trying to get back to my usual weight, but it's just not working. I try and exercise when I have the time, and I eat kind of healthy, NO FAST FOOD haha.

My problem, though, is that when I start to exercise, I get distracted and I stop and the first thing I do is go to the fridge and grab a snack. I've been trying to cut back, but it's not helping, and I think I have some kind of oral fixation thing going on.

If anyone has any advice they'd like to give, whether it'd be on eating, exercising, types of exercises that work good, whatever; it would all be appreciated.
Sunday, October 22nd, 2006
9:26 am
I'm new here
Hi everyone!! I'm new here, and desperately need some advice
from people who are trying to reach similiar goals to mine.
Here's my welcome post:
Age: 18
height: 5'8"
highest weight: 180
lowest weight: 130
current weight: 150
goal weight: 130

I run on a treadmill for fifty minutes four times a week,
and I also do Hatha Yoga. Is there anything else that I
could do to help me shed twenty pounds? I saw myself in a
vacation picture with me and my family and I nearly cried.
After all my hard work, I still look gross!! Any advice would
be deeply appreciated. Thanks!!

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Wednesday, August 30th, 2006
6:40 pm
Oh hell.

After no weight loss, I was really happy to see a 1kg loss on Monday (2.2lbs). And then Tuesday arrived. And so did yet another head cold. I'm really prone to illness, particularly head colds which turn into coughs which last for weeks on end. And with head colds, I feel like hell, woozy, dizzy, miserable. Not well enough to exercise, but because I feel sorry for myself I eat. Yesterday I was only moderately bad, adding only a sausage bun to my daily intake. I even managed a 10 minute run and 2hours of karate, but I didn't train very hard. Today was a different story. I got up early as usual and had a driving lesson, but I really couldn't face going to work afterwards, which meant being on my own at home, feeling like hell and sorry for myself. So over the day I had a lot of extras: a large packet of crisps, a small chocolate bar, a packet of chewits and 500ml of lucozade. I also ate too much at lunch (chicken + veg from the fajita mix last night) and too much at dinner (chilli con carne). Muh. Undone everything, all my good eating habits. I feel really bloated and annoyed at myself for allowing a head cold to spoil everything, its no wonder I'm not losing any real weight.

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Thursday, August 24th, 2006
9:56 pm
An update..
Want to start by saying thank you for everyone who replied to my first post, I really appreciate it.

Well, progress. Or lack of it. I've been really good for a couple of weeks now, and I've been relatively careful for about 3-4 weeks before being extra careful. And all in all, I've lost a pitiful 1.7lbs. I kid you not. My measurements haven't really changed either. I've mostly cut bread, crisps, chocolate/sweets and biscuits. Last October I had to lose 5kg (11lbs) in 5 weeks, and I managed to be doing this, and yet this time, in 5 weeks or so, a measly 0.8kg (1.7lbs). Its so frustrating :(

Breakfast tends to be muesli or shreddies, with semi skimmed milk, and a small glass of orange juice. This is usually about 7:30am.
Mid morning snack tends to be 3 rice cakes/oatcakes/crackers. This is usually about 10:30am.
Lunch varies between salad/soup/jacket potato/pasta/veggie rice/very occaisonally a sandwich and an apple. This is ually about 12:30pm.
Mid afternoon snack is usually a banana or similar, at about 3:30pm.
Dinner varies but it is usually healthy, bean stew or stirfry etc, at about 6:30pm.

I drink at least 6 glasses of water and 2 glasses of fruit cordial a day.

I walk for a minimum of 30 minutes over the day, usually nearer 60-90 minutes. Twice a week a have 2-2.5 hours of karate. I've started adding in a 15 minute run once a week (I can't run more because of my dropped arch). I've also started to add in a 15 minute fast cycle here and there.

The weekends I do drink sometimes, which I know isn't helping, but I stick to vodka/bacardi and diet coke or white wine on the whole. I also often have a small packet of crisps at the weekend, and if I'm with my boyfriend then my portion sizes tend to be a bit larger than during the week.

What else can I do? Where (apart from the weekend extras) am I going wrong) I don't want to completely eliminate my weekend treats if at all possible because I'd go mad if I was constantly being uber-careful about food, I already drive my boyfriend mad! Help!

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Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006
10:55 am
back to school season

hello everyone. hope yall are well.

i got back from disney a week ago. and i look like a whale. howeva, this fantastic change came up after i came home. i dont get it. i havent changeds anythingg
help me? serious, intense workouts//best ones?
here's my info, so yall know:
im mk
im 17, 5'8 1/4
on average, im about 135. id love to be like 130, less if possible.
im a veggie, active, on birthcontrol (weight thing?), and a health nut, and i love intense workouts. i can go for hours. sadly and time permitting, though, this rarely happens.
1:04 pm
Gender: Female
Age: 18 (almost 19)
Height: 5'1"
Current weight: 183.6
Highest weight: 189
Lowest weight: 141
Desired weight: 135

Oh boy... I was so thin when I was 16... well thinner. That was the summer before I got a job. I was just too lazy to go eat, and I played a lot of DDR... and I dropped from 189 to 141. I went from a size 16/18 to a size 10/12 all in one summer. And since then, Ive gained it all back. My inspiration is my new found BF, and the fact that I went clothing shopping on vacation in London... all of the clothing was incredible and WAY cheap! But... none of it was even available in my size. My desired weight now is 135 - 6 pounds less than I was at my lowest. Once I get there, I want to get even lower. I suppose my final desired weight would be around 110 (thats about right for my height), but right now I would just be thrilled if I could get down to 135.

As for dieting... all Im pretty much eating is plain vanilla yogurt (200 calories a cup) and salad. Ill have one cup of yogurt for breakfast, one normal sized salad with 2 tbsp of balsamic vinigarette dressing (25 cals) for lunch, and then for dinner Ill normally have what my family is having as long as its not bad. Last night I have a grilled salmon steak (unfortunately it was grilled in butter... but omg I had to give in), 2 slices of bread, 5 steamed clams, and thats it.

I have no desired *when* date, but as soon as possible would be nice!!!
Tuesday, August 15th, 2006
9:32 pm
Age: 15
Height: 5'
Current weight: I believe 116
Lowest weight: 104
Desired weight: 104-106

I just started going to the gym once again, and I feel completely lost, even though it has only been a year. I really want to lose my stomach fat, which I know is threw cardio. However, I HATE HATE running, I did cross-country last year, and now I hate it. So, I refuse to do running. however, i love to excercise and play racketball with my dad.

Most of the time, I'm pretty good with eating, but I need to cut back. I feel that I eat to much for the level of my activity.

Sooo..basically. What are some fun things to do at the gym???
And. I'm trying to get back into the healthy lifestyle again :)
Sunday, August 13th, 2006
9:04 pm
Well, I've been trying a long time to diet and lose a couple of pounds, and it just doesn't work by myself. I need a little extra help soo I came here.

Current weight- 117
Heaviest weight- 120
Lowest weight- 105
height- 5'3
ideal weight- 107

This might seem a little low, but I'm a figure skater (welcome to anorexia central) and hate being the biggest girl out on the ice. it's embarassing to get snide looks from other skaters. it sounds like an average weight for my height, but I don't look good and am very uncomfortable with my body. i try to work out and eat right, but sometimes i go on crazy binges where i eat everything in sight, which obviously doesn't help. i need someone to really keep me on track and support me. i beat myself up over it and i don't want to hate myself. losing this weight for good is the only way i feel i can begin to feel good about myself again.

So basically I'm looking at losing around 10 pounds. I'd like to lose at least half of it before school starts, in three weeks. I'll be leaving for California Wednesday, which might be a problem for my diet. Any and all help would be much appriciated.
10:27 pm
Hey, I'm new here, and I need help.

I'm 19, 5'3" and currently weigh a very uncomfortable 150lbs. I'm not happy at this weight and it doesn't suit me, my arms, legs, stomach and hips are wobbly and I hate the way I look in the mirror now. My weight normally hovers around the 141 mark, but I've felt my happiest at around 132lbs. I've gone from a UK 10-12 to a UK 12-14.

My waist currently measures usually around 29" (73cm) and my widest part of my hips/stomach is usually around about 36" (91cm). I used to be a 27" (68cm) waist with a 34" (86cm) hips/tummy area, which balanced nicely with a 34" bust. Now I look out of proportion, feel unhealthy, unattractive and generally obsessive and miserable.

I tend to comfort eat. I've been through a lot lately, I have a busy life (work/university/help run a karate club/long term relationship with an amazing guy/family problems). My parents have recently separated, messily. My dad has been a total arse, and his family have disowned my mum, sister and myself. I've comfort ate through stress, and also as a retaliation to my dad- he lost several stone in an attempt to pull another woman. I don't know what else to say. I have a weakness for carbs (my boyfriend is diabetic, so when we're together we often have carb based meals, so I associate carbs with happiness). I have a weakness for fruit juice, for chocolate, for crisps and for alcohol.

Exercise wise, I'm struggling. I help run a karate club, I've trained there for 9 years now, and am there 2 nights a week. At the moment though, I've had a dropped foot arch since April, which means I'm not allowed to run and struggle with training. I can't see the specialist til October/November (good old NHS). Because of my foot, I can't walk for more than a few miles, or run for more than a few minutes before the pain gets too bad. I don't have much time to do exercise when I'm not injured anyway. I'm on a full time teacher training degree, and work part time between classes/placements. Now I'm on 'holiday' and I'm working roughly 30 hours a week (office job).

None of the diet changes I've made have helped, such as reducing wheat and not having cheese, which I've done for 3 weeks now, and I've managed to gain 3lbs or so. My weight is creeping up with alarming regularity and I need to lose weight, fast. Most of my clothes don't fit anymore and I can't afford to replace them. I spend 30 mins each night trying to find clothes for the next day that fit me, and usually end up in jeans and a black teeshirt, god help me if I need to be smart. I don't know what to do. I want to lose weight in time for my next karate tournament, as you have to state your weight. I've always fought in the under 60kgs section (under 132) by losing a few pounds to get me down to 132. There is no way on earth I can admit to my instructors that this time I would be fighting in the under 70kg (under 154lbs) section. I need to at least be in the under 65kgs (143lbs) section, by the middle of September. I've got 4 weeks to get my life back on track. I need some ideas, motivation, help, anything. Please.

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Thursday, August 3rd, 2006
10:57 am
Hi, my name is Veronica. I'm very much new here lol.

age: 15
height: 5'6"
current weight: 140 (but, i have my period & feel really bloated. that usually makes a difference...)
desired weight: Well, 130 would be nice. But, I'm shooting for 110-115

Anyone have any advice? I'm a vegetarian and I exercise regularly, but I can't seem to lose much. I was down to about 130 a few weeks ago, but then I gained it all back on a vacation =/. Damn good food! haha. Well, thanks in advance.

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Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006
8:50 pm
Thursday, July 27th, 2006
5:54 pm
age:  16 (in two weeks)
current weight: 189
desired weight:150 (for now)

I've lost weight before on the Jenny Craig diet, but ended up gaining it back! We don't have the money to continue Jenny Craig right now and I really need help with suggested diets and exersise routines.Daily my family reminds me of my weight and now I hate to even look at myself in the mirror, I think of myself as ugly and sick looking.   :  [    :  [     

It's not the diet I'm realyl worried about, it's the exersise. I'm always looking for new, (and quick!) ways to exersise that are efficant in short amounts of time!  If any of you can help me that we be awsome!

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